Nut Thread Tapping Machine

Four Spindle Full Automatic Nut Tapping Machine



Main Specifications:

Model Speed (PER MIN.) Air Pressure(KG) Main Motor(KW) Lub. Motor(KW) Dimension(CM) Weight(T)
APM4T-M6 240/120 2-3 0.75*2 0.25 180*130*150 1
APM4T-M8 200/100 4-5 0.55*2 0.25 180*130*150 1
APM4T-M10 140/80 4-5 0.55*2 0.25 180*130*150 1
APM4T-M12 112/60 4-5 0.55*2 0.25 180*130*150 1
APM4T-M14 85/60 5-6 0.75*2 0.25 180*130*150 1
APM4T-M16 75/40 6-8 1.1*2 0.25 180*130*150 1.2
APM4T-M20 65/30 6-8 1.1*2 0.25 180*130*150 1.4
APMT-M24-M56 30/12 6-8 1.5*2 0.25 180*150*200 5.5

1.We reserves the right to modify the above parameters, and may not be notified if there is any modification;

2.The most suitable production speed of the product depends on the shape, size and material of the product;

3.The maximum material shear diameter and the suitable product diameter listed in the table are calculated as medium carbon alloy steel, equivalent to 10.9 high strength nuts.

Application Scope
Hex Nut Flange Nut Four Spindle Full Automatic Nut Tapping Machine is one kind of specialized machine with high efficiency and automation among forging machinery. Full Automatic Nut Tapping Machine are used for producing different kinds of nuts and nut shape parts in the field of fastener industry. Because of the advantage of the cold forging equipment itself and the superiority of cold forging technique, the Hex Nut Flange Nut Four Spindle Full Automatic Nut Tapping Machine also are widely used in different national economic fields for producing fasteners and non-standard parts for industry of building,aviation steamer, machinery, rail traffic, vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle, sewing machine, construction, furniture, light industry and daily necessities, etc.

Items can be produced by the Hex Nut Flange Nut Four Spindle Full Automatic Nut Tapping Machine

Hex nut,hex flange nut,round nut,square nut,Cap Nuts,Castle Nuts,Coupling Nuts,Flange Serrated Nuts,Hex Machine Nuts,Keps-K Lock Nuts,Knurled Thumb Nuts,Nylon Hex Jam Nuts,Nylon Insert Lock Nuts,Prevailing Torque Lock Nuts,T-Nuts,Tri-Groove Nuts,Wing Nuts,drop in anchors,Acorn nut,cap nut,Barrel nut,Cage nut,Sleeve nut,Split nut,Swage nut,Weld nut,.

Salient Features of Hex Nut Flange Nut Four Spindle Full Automatic Nut Tapping Machine

1. The automatic nut tapping machine is a high-speed production standard machine. As long as the nut blank is placed in the feeder, the whole column can be automatically drilled, automatically positioned, automatically clamped, automatically tapped, and automatically unloaded.
2. Special tapping for cap nut, boring nut, fine teeth, round nut, shaft gear, rivet, bushing, through-hole thread and various special-shaped nuts
3. The thread of nut tapping is high bright, and the pass gauge measurement is 100% pass.
4. The mechanical action is automatic continuous tapping. One person can operate multiple units.
5. Through hole, blind hole, chipping and tapping and chipless tapping are applicable
6. The brake is accurate, the tapping depth is accurate, and the finished product has high precision.
7. Tapping speed is fast, bidirectional variable speed, torque and tapping and rewinding speed can be adjusted freely
8. There are safety devices for cutter,taps, torque, radial and clamping to ensure the tapping tools life and safety of tapping
9. By changing the mold, one machine can be processed for different nuts.
10. Semi-finished products are automatically detected or abnormally stopped automatically.

Main Structure and Designs

Four Spindle Full Automatic Nut Tapping Machine stucture and workshop

Four Spindle Full Automatic Nut Tapping Machine stucture and workshop

Pnumatic Double Spindle high and long Nuts Tapping Machine