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Four Die Four Blow Bolt Former



Main Specifications of Four Die Four Blow Bolt Former

Four Stations Multi Stage High Speed Bolt Making Machine
Model Unit 44S 64S 84S 104S 104L 134L
Forging Station NO. 4 4 4 4 4 4
Forging force Tons 16 35 60 80 80 120
Max.cut-off dia. mm Φ4 φ8 φ10 φ12 φ12 φ15
Max.cut-off length mm 66 80 115 135 185 190
Output rate pcs/min 350 140-210 120-180 90-140 80-130 75-110
P. K. O. stroke mm 12 12 18 20 30 40
K.O stroke mm 52 70 92 118 160 175
Main ram stroke mm 95 110 160 190 262 270
Main motor power Kw 11 15 22 30 30 37
Overall dims. Of cut off die mm Φ20 φ30*45L φ50*50L φ45*59L φ45*59L φ63*69L
Overall dims. Of punch die mm Φ35*75L φ40*90L φ45*125L φ53*115L φ53*115L φ60*130L
Overall dims. Of main die mm Φ40*85L φ50*85L φ60*130L φ75*135L φ75*185L φ86*190L
Die pitch mm 50 60 70 90 94 110
Approx. weight T 4.3 8 14 18 21 28
Applicable bolt size mm 1-4 3-6 5-8 6-10 6-10 8-12.7
Shank length of blank mm 6-50 10-65 15-90 15-110 20-152 20-160
Model Unit 134LL 134LLL 164S 164LL 204L 204LL
Forging Station NO. 4 4 4 4 4 4
Forging force Tons 120 120 210 210 350 350
Max.cut-off dia. mm φ15 φ15 φ18 φ18 Φ23 Φ23
Max.cut-off length mm 265 285 195 350 240 360
Output rate pcs/min 50-80 50-80 70-100 70-100 55-80 60
P. K. O. stroke mm 40 40 40 45 46 45
K.O stroke mm 225 280 178 330 220 330
Main ram stroke mm 380 380 260 346
Main motor power Kw 37 37 55 55 75 75
Overall dims. Of cut off die mm φ63*69L φ63*69L Φ60*90L Φ60 Φ75*120L Φ75
Overall dims. Of punch die mm φ60*229L φ60*229L Φ75*185L Φ75*185L Φ90*215L Φ90*190L
Overall dims. Of main die mm φ86*305L φ86*305L Φ100*190L Φ100*345L Φ125*240L Φ125*345L
Die pitch mm 110 110 120 126 140 138
Approx. weight T 33 38 45 66 62 75
Applicable bolt size mm 8-12.7 8-12.7 10-16 10-16 12-20 12-20
Shank length of blank mm 40-220 75-262 20-160 100-300 25-200 100-300
Model Unit 254S 254L 304L 364L
Forging Station NO. 4 4 4 4
Forging force Tons 430 430 550 750
Max.cut-off dia. mm Φ28 Φ29 Φ38 Φ42
Max.cut-off length mm 253 320 450 450
Output rate pcs/min 40-70 60 45 45
P. K. O. stroke mm 40 60 80 80
K.O stroke mm 205 290 400 400
Main ram stroke mm 330
Main motor power Kw 90 90 132 200
Overall dims. Of cut off die mm Φ80*130L Φ90 Φ115 Φ145
Overall dims. Of punch die mm Φ120*270L Φ105*232L Φ135*240L Φ155*265L
Overall dims. Of main die mm Φ140*250L Φ160*294L Φ185*420L Φ195*420L
Die pitch mm 160 174 200 220
Approx. weight T 105 105 186 258
Applicable bolt size mm 14-25.4 16-25.4 20-33 30-38
Shank length of blank mm 35-200 35-250 80-350 80-350

1.We reserves the right to modify the above parameters, and may not be notified if there is any modification;

2.The most suitable production speed of the product depends on the shape, size and material of the product;

3.The maximum material shear diameter and the suitable product diameter listed in the table are calculated as medium carbon alloy steel, equivalent to 10.9 high strength screws.

Application Scope of Four Die Four Blow Bolt Former

Four Die Four Blow Bolt Former is one kind of specialized machine with high efficiency and automation among forging machinery. Four Die Four Blow Bolt Former are used for producing different kinds of bolts, screws, rivets,special parts and nuts in the field of fastener industry. Because of the advantage of the cold forging equipment itself and the superiority of cold forging technique, the Three Die Three Blow Bolt Maker also are widely used in different national economic fields for producing fasteners and non-standard parts for industry of aviation steamer, machinery, rail traffic, vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle, sewing machine, construction, furniture, light industry and daily necessities, etc.

Items can be produced by the Four Die Four Blow Bolt Former

Flange Bolts, Socket bolts,Hex Bolts, Fastener and Bolts, Hex Cap Screws, Spring Center bolts, Hex Socket Cap Screws, Carriage bolts, solid rivets, square head set screws, truss head track bolts, U Bolts, Fin Neck Bolts, shoulder bolts, coil thread bolts, Structure Liner Bolts, extra long Bolts, Hub Bolts fetter drive screws, wheel bolts, t-head bolts, Flange Bolts, eye bolts, shackle bolts, track bolts, wheel bolts, hex cap screws,auto fasteners,etc.

Salient Features of Four Die Four Blow Bolt Former

1. The air clutch brake system has been designed to actuate with low current and as “inching”, “single stroke” and “continuous running”. Except “inching”, the machine will always stop at the backward position of the main slider while operating in largest space.

2. Two sorts of transfers system for customer to choose: swing type (general equipped) and universal type (optional), equipped with pneumatic gripper, it can simplify the demand of operation, and is more stable when the machine runs at high speed.

3. Main motor is equipped with speed-adjust transducer, PLC control system, computer automatic man-machine interface system(Optional), these equipment make lots of convenience for customer to adjust the dimension of the non-standard products.

4. Feeding wheel and claw system are both drived by cylinder, the claw can stretch automatically when it goes back in order to reduce abrasion and noise. Feeding material and stop feeding material are controlled by two claws, the feeding material system is equipped with device for avoiding material draw back.

5. Perfect inspection system: short material inspecting and eliminating, inspection of the low location of oil pressure and air pressure, transfer system floating inspection system, overload, and lightload stop system to protect the lathe and dies and prolong the service life of them.

6. When the customer prepare to adjust the side cutting screw, they only need to adjust side cam’s station position, then they can achieve side cutting purpose. When the workpieces need not side cutting, customer can reset it to achieve the change from side cutting to former station.

7. High strengthened-material lathe bed, lengthened main and subsidiary slider structure and “pedrailtype” slider which is adopted domestically for the first time realize “zero space” assembling which assures the precision of the main slider movement and lengthens their service life of dies.

8. The main parts of all type machines have adopted strict casting procedure and annealing disposal to assure its steel hardness and precision.

9. Circle cutting die station assures the sheared material shouter than billet diameter which also can achieve accurate right angle cutting.

10. Auto sizing material stopper can adjust the precision of material size in the state of machine running.

11. P.K.O synchronized knock out system makes the choice of molding technics flexible.

12. Transfer finger moving and cutting cams are calculated via professional computer software to make machine stable in state of high speed forging.

13.There is imported converter available in electrical system, so it is easy to run the former with stepless variable drive PLC also is used for automatically inspecting the working mode of the former with the functions of fault alarm and fault display.

14.Touch screen and man-machine dialogue numerical control system are optional for meeting customer requirement, they are used for setting the length of thread pipe of rear knock out, the length of barrier and the feeding length, it is convenient for quick die change. This system has a memory capacity of 99 mnemonic modules for meeting the requirement of quick die change.

Main Structure And Parts Picture Introduction of Four Die Four Blow Bolt Former

Bolt maker body without enclosure High precision main slider
Bolt maker body without enclosure High precision main slider​
Spring clamps system Transfer fingers system
Spring clamps system Transfer fingers system
PKO system Wire material cutting system
PKO system Wire material cutting system
Clutch system with brake device Gears transmission system
Clutch system with brake device Gears transmission system
Hydraulic and pnumatic control system Material discharge mechanism with convex plate quick replace function
Hydraulic and pnumatic control system Material discharge mechanism with convex plate quick replace function
Wire material feeding system Spiral bevel tranmission driving system
Wire material feeding system Spiral bevel tranmission driving system


Standard accessories of Four Die Four Blow Bolt Former
1. One set of trial tools
2. One set of standard hand tools.
3. One set of standard spare parts.
4. One set of Clutch
5. One set of control Panel
6. One set of AC motor
7. transducer speed adjusting system.
8. Full Cover
9. Device of protect revert feed
10. One set of operator stand (The Buyer jointing in the Buyer plant)
11. Inside Lamp
12. One set of Safety Device
1. Pneumatic Sensor
2. Oil less Sensor
3. K.O. & P.K.O. Safety pin breakage detector
4. End of material detector
5. Motor Over load detector (including lub., coolant and fan motors)
6. Short Feed detector
7. Air pressure shortage detector
8. Lub. Oil shortage detector
9. Two-hand control unit for jogging
13. Two sets of electrical, operation & maintains manual in English.
14. The following consumables spare of machine drawing will be provided by Seller.
a)Die Locking Screw
b)Punch Locking Screw
c)P.K.O. Lever
d)Punch Bolster for all stations
e)Trimming Cam Drawing
f)K.O. Rod Drawing
g)All safety bolts drawings
h)Ratchet wheel drawing
i)Transfer arm drawing
j)Drawing of straightening rolls
k)Complete set of Electrical drawings
l)Die & Punch Blocks drawings

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